Least Popular Wedding Traditions

Over the years, some wedding traditions will come and go, while others are here to stay. Lately, though, the wedding experts at Beneva Flowers have noticed some things changing.  Observances that were once seen as standard at most weddings are giving way to fresh, current trends. Here is a list of some well-known wedding rituals […]

Regional Wedding Traditions

There are plenty of wedding rituals to choose from when planning your nuptials. Some may be part of your heritage and so non-negotiable, while others may just sound fun!  As you prepare for your big day, the experts at Beneva Weddings have gathered a list of some regional wedding traditions to consider. Who knows? Maybe these ideas […]

Snapshot of 2017 Wedding Trends

Halfway through the year, the wedding community has seen some predictions regarding the hottest trends play out – and others fizzle out. But with 6 months of wedding days behind us, we can observe what is truly hot with couples. According to the wedding site theknot.com, here are just a few of the many 2017 […]

Unique Wedding Favors for your Sarasota Event

If you are looking for different ideas for your wedding guests to take home as favors, you are not alone. But there are so many creative options out there, and there is bound to be one that suits your taste and budget.  The key is to tap into your own personality and style, then create a […]

Selby Gardens Wedding

Sarasota has amazing outdoor wedding venues.  Emily and Anthony recently got married at one of our favorite places, Selby Gardens. They wanted their flowers to be complementary to the garden theme; and chose peonies and garden roses in white, peach and apricot. The most gratifying part of designing flowers for wedding events is hearing from you regarding […]

The Basics of a Sarasota Wedding Budget

Experts tell us that no matter what your dream wedding looks like – whether formal or casual, professionally planned or DIY – that brides allocate their budget fairly consistently across the board. In other words, nearly 50% of any budget is spent on the reception and approximately 10% of most budgets is spent on flowers. Knowing […]

Flowers on Your Wedding Cake

There are many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day, but none is so sweet as wedding cake florals. Although cake designers are proficient at creating flowers out of sugar, fresh flowers will add a beautifully unique vibrancy to this showpiece. Over the years Beneva Flowers has worked with local bakeries to create stunning […]

Exceed Your Wedding Expectations, Not Your Budget

Every couple planning a wedding is looking forward to a perfect day, and their dream wedding day generally includes beautiful flowers. However, most engaged couples also have a set budget which may dictate the flowers which they can afford. At Beneva Weddings, we are committed to designing the desired ambiance for your Sarasota wedding, from […]