5 Ways To Use Plants In Your Wedding

Move over flowers, plants are crashing the wedding.

Plants are having a moment in general, whether they’re greening up apartments and homes or functioning as the floral decor in a wedding. They’re versatile, hardy and lend an earthy, organic feel to even the most indoorsy of ceremonies and receptions. Read on to find 5 ways that plants are turning weddings green.

As A Centerpiece

Whether they’re in pots, trays or proper containers, a plant styled at the center of your reception table is a refreshing focal point. Mix in some herbs and some forest-inspired candles and you’ve got a fragrant and textured look.

Climbing Up The Wedding Arch

Is there any more romantic way to tie the knot than under a wild rose bush? Flowering plants make for a gorgeous, natural-seeming ceremony site, whether they’re displayed from a pergola, trellis or arch. Great climbers include clematis, honeysuckle, jasmine, wisteria and bougainvillea.

Hanging Above The Table 

Suspended flowers and plants are huge this year, and it’s easy to see why. When you have your floral decor above the tables (or the dance floor), you’re creating more space to dine and relate. You’re also shifting the perspective and giving your wedding an unforgettably modern feel.

Lining The Aisle

Big pots overflowing with plants, small clusters full of bright cactus: you can’t go wrong here. An aisle can be beautifully distinguished by plants that are big, fluffy and colorful or small and detailed like succulents. The look is infinitely customizeable and a smart choice to soften and ground a larger space.

As Part of The Ceremony

A great way to take advantage of your natural surroundings, if you’re marrying in them, is to involve some of the naturally-growing plants you see around you. You’ll want to choose plants that borrow from the landscape instead of compete with it, so the plants you add should be in keeping. Let them act as an extension of the wild outdoor beauty rather than a replacement to it.

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