Add A Little Floral Flavor To Your Dinner Table

If we here at Beneva Weddings told you you could serve your entire wedding reception dinner in flowers, would you believe us?

Flowers have been used as a culinary item for millennia, and now they’re back, appearing on menus as a major ingredient. Sprinkle a candied violet on a cupcake and watch it transform into a marvelous delicacy, enjoyed as much for its taste as for its looks. Edible flowers are much more than a garnish; they contribute to the flavor of a dish, lending sweet richness (roses), a hint of mint (pansies) or a peppery profile (nasturtiums) to everything from teas to salads to scallops and ravioli. They can be crystallized or candied and added to a cake or frozen into ice pops and cubes. We love them rolled up in rice paper to make a delicious and colorful spring roll, or pressed right into pancakes as a sweet surprise.

You have every reason to add some flower power to your reception dinner menu, giving your wedding guests a meal to remember. We’ve highlighted five ways you can make flowers a must in your wedding day meal.

Lovely Libations

We’ve sung the praises of floral cocktails before, but it bears repeating: Float a flower in your signature drink (or use one as a base) and you’ll be giving your guests something beautiful to imbibe as well as to look at.

Festive Hors d’Oeuvres

Crostinis, tartines, bruschettas . . . We love the idea of topping a rustic crusty bread with pesto or cheese and a side of nasturtium.

Pretty Pansy Salad

Literally a garden on a plate, the addition of pansy to this vibrant mixed salad is a stroke of genius.

Bed of Blooms

Flowers can bolster even substantial entrees like beef or chicken, where they offer a bright counterpoint that can be either sweet or sour.

Cut Flower Cakes

Blooms from the viola family (which includes violet and pansy), look stunning when employed as an accent to a garden- or forest-themed cake. Freesia smells like a piece of candy and can top simple cupcakes like one, too.

Eating the rainbow just got a little easier, and prettier.

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