Alternative Bouquet Ideas

Roses are an elegant choice for a bridal bouquet. They add a delicate and traditional ambiance to any wedding ceremony. There are, however, several other options for the bride who wishes to showcase a less conventional, textured, even edgy feel to her flowers.


Succulents are gaining popularity with their unique, rustic appeal. Though tantalizing in their appearance, succulents offer a strong and bodacious alternative to dainty flowers. Succulents are long lasting and durable due to their ability to retain water.


Hawaiian orchids also offer an alternative look. Used for leis, bouquets and boutonnieres, Hawaiian orchids are a colorful, airy and tropical selection for your wedding day.


Stargazer lilies are vibrant and full of personality. They have a familiar appearance but are exciting to look at. With blasts of color and expressive petals, they add character and versatility to a standard arrangement.


If your heart is set on roses, but you want to add subtle flair to your bouquet, pairing your roses with miniature calla lilies, orchid blooms or peonies will give them a diverse touch. If roses are still your only desire, choosing David Austin garden roses are an exceptional selection.

Your wedding flowers help you make a statement on your big day.

Ask your Beneva Flowers floral designer to help you pick the assortment of flowers that showcases YOU the best!

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