Basic Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers

There are many details to consider when you begin wedding planning – and without expert guidance, it can feel overwhelming. The professionals at Beneva Flowers wanted to share some basic hints that may save you some headaches down the road. The hope is that hiring your florist – and choosing your wedding flowers – will be a little less stressful as you approach your wedding day.  If you are having a Sarasota wedding,  open the dialogue with an expert from Beneva Weddings.  We don’t just provide wedding flowers, we provide years of expertise!

Before You Write a Deposit Check:  Industry insiders recommend a preliminary meeting with every vendor – prospective venues, florists, entertainers, caterers, boutiques – before signing any contracts.  In this way, you will avoid promising too much to your dress designer before understanding how much the venue will cost.

wedding flowers

Trust Your Floral Professional:  Professional wedding florists have navigated through hundreds of weddings, and they have a vast cache of inspiration when trying to merge your vision with your budget. Be willing to listen to their ideas, even if they are a little different than you planned.

Keep the Conversation Going: It is imperative that you communicate with Beneva Wedding’s floral experts – they can assist in selecting the ideal flowers based upon your chosen venue, color scheme, dress style and available budget.


wedding flowers

Stay Flexible: You may have always dreamed of a certain flower for your bouquets, but it may not match the style of your venue or dress. You may have always dreamed of holding your wedding in the hottest venue in town, but they may be booked for three years. Wedding planning sometimes requires a loose grip and an open mind.

Watch the Calendar: Don’t wait too long to place your wedding flower order! The flowers may be arriving from other states or even other countries – so a one-to-two month lead time is recommended – and several months notice is optimum.

The easiest way to take the stress out of your wedding planning is to stay flexible and listen to those who do this every day. Beneva Flowers, the #1 Sarasota florist for 17 years, should be your first call for your wedding planning. That way, your wedding flowers are guaranteed to be gorgeous!


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