The Basics of a Sarasota Wedding Budget

Experts tell us that no matter what your dream wedding looks like – whether formal or casual, professionally planned or DIY – that brides allocate their budget fairly consistently across the board. In other words, nearly 50% of any budget is spent on the reception and approximately 10% of most budgets is spent on flowers. Knowing these statistics, brides can begin planning with a basic idea of how most costs play out, and therefore logically draw up a plan. Beneva Flowers has been the premier wedding floral planner in Sarasota for 17 years. Bring us your budget number and your wishlist, and we’ll work with you to bring your Sarasota wedding vision to life.

Sarasota wedding
Did You Know? According to The Knot, a popular wedding planning site, the average cost for a wedding – from start to finish – is $31,213.

As soon as you know you are getting married, sit down and determine what your total budget will be. Incorporate your own savings, contributions from parents if applicable, and any anticipated savings during the months leading up the wedding.  Expert Tip: If you do not have a personal budget in place for day to day expenses, create that budget first to determine exactly how much you can set aside for the wedding preparations.

Sarasota wedding

Because the wedding reception is by far the largest portion of the budget, book your venue before shopping for the other elements of your wedding. In this way, you will know if you have more – or less – than you expected for flowers, ceremony, and wedding gown. When you are budgeting, don’t forget the incidentals, such as tips and service fees.
Once you have your floral budget established, set up a consultation with Beneva Flowers. We will discuss the aesthetics of your venue, the desired flowers, your dream bouquets, and your budget. We can make suggestions and recommendations that will keep you on track financially – while making sure your day is beautiful.

Expert Tip: Before your floral consultation, have your ceremony and reception venue picked out, and your colors decided upon.

Sarasota is a gorgeous place to get married, and Beneva Flowers is your best choice for a Sarasota wedding florist. No matter what your budget, we can help – give us a call today!

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