Best Flowers For Eloping

Wedding flowers are always a priority when planning a wedding, but how do you incorporate them when you’re planning to elope? No need to worry- flowers are still a great idea, and there are tons of options. The designers at Beneva Weddings have some excellent ideas, tips, and creative options for elopement flowers.

Setting Consider your setting when choosing flowers and make sure they look like a natural fit. Something mossy with berries and ferns will look perfect with your mountaintop nuptials, while a tropical arrangement is a great accent to a beach wedding.

Seasonality Be mindful of the time of year so you can choose weather and season-appropriate blooms. Darker plums, golds and forest greens can add depth and texture to an autumn wedding, while bright pastels are perfect for spring.

Preference If you’re eloping, you probably already live by this sentiment, but it’s worth reminding: this is YOUR wedding and the flowers you include should be your favorites. If there’s something included in an arrangement you don’t prefer, speak up! Your florist will be happy to work with you to create a custom design just for you.

Size Regardless if your wedding is at a remote destination, a small courthouse affair, or very impromptu, a small, handheld design of readily available blooms from your local florist might be the best way to include flowers in your special day.

When you choose to elope, you’re thinking outside the box and making your own rules. While you may not be including all of the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding, a sweet bouquet that accents your surroundings and personality can be the perfect touch. Flowers often elevate an event from ordinary to special, and what’s more special than your wedding day? Talk to the experts at Beneva Weddings about all of our great options for elopement flowers and let us help you create a day to remember.


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