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10 Flowers That Speak The Language Of Love

Your bridal bouquet is talking. Let Beneva Weddings explain. Floriography, the study of the language of flowers, has been around since Victorian times, when full-blown expressions of love weren’t the convention. Lovers communicated their feelings and intentions instead through flowers, creating small bouquets that spoke volumes—symbolically. A romantic pursuit might have to refer to her […]

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Riveting Ways To Display Those Flowers

So you’ve selected the gorgeous blooms for your wedding ceremony and reception, working with your floral design team to make your wildest flower dreams come true on the big day. But beyond the bouquets and boutonnieres, there’s another important consideration to be had: how will those table flowers—especially the ones at the reception—be displayed? Flower […]

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Regional Wedding Traditions

There are plenty of wedding rituals to choose from when planning your nuptials. Some may be part of your heritage and so non-negotiable, while others may just sound fun!  As you prepare for your big day, the experts at Beneva Weddings have gathered a list of some regional wedding traditions to consider. Who knows? Maybe these ideas […]

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