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Expert Advice: 8 Things to Know About Setting a Wedding Budget

Courtesy of Marry Me Tampa Bay etting a budget for your wedding day is one of the biggest decisions that you will make before your planning even begins. Your budget sets the tone for selecting your venue, the rest of your vendor team, and possibly the date. With budgets and finances being a delicate issue […]

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3 Ways To Make Flowers A Part Of Your Marriage Proposal

If you’re planning a marriage proposal this winter, first of all, congratulations! Secondly, how are you going to use flowers during it? We’re obviously huge advocates of bringing in fresh, sweet-smelling blooms to one of the most emotionally rich moments of your life. Flowers create festivity, beauty, joy, and romance: What’s not to love? We’ve […]

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Creative Floral Ideas for your Proposal

You know that you want to have flowers when you finally ask the big question, but a normal bouquet just doesn’t seem like enough. You are looking for creative inspiration and floral ideas that will infuse beauty  in a truly memorable way. The expert planners at Beneva Weddings have the experience you’ll find invaluable from proposal […]

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