Colorful Trends in Wedding Gowns

There may be no more iconic item at a wedding than the bride’s white gown. This tradition is one which has spanned centuries and is synonymous with the importance of the day. Finding the perfect dress is indeed one of the most cherished aspects of the wedding preparation. And although brides have been playing with the style of the wedding gown for years, usually with varying lengths – it is only in the last few years that we have seen colored wedding gowns walking down the aisle.

As is often the case, the fashion designers are the ones on the leading edge of the trends. Since 2014, we have seen an increasing number of non-white dress styles. So the question is, would you be willing to buck custom and opt for a nontraditional wedding gown? 

wedding dresses
The most common colors used for these gowns are subtle and delicate – light pink, blush, champagne, or silver gray. These tones are elegant and sophisticated and easily incorporated into your wedding. Many brides who opt for a dress in one of these colors will add beads or jewels, or perhaps even a white lace overlay for a vintage effect. Pastels are the next level up, with designers showcasing baby blues. lavender purples and even mint greens as possible choices for wedding gowns.


For the truly bold, a few designers have ventured into primary colors such as royal blue and bright red for wedding gowns. Regardless of the color you choose, you can be guaranteed of one thing – Beneva Weddings will have the ideal wedding flowers to match your color scheme. Here in Sarasota, we love all things outdoors and colorful – so if you are planning a wedding with a colorful twist, or if you are going with traditional white – call Beneva Flowers. We’ve been Sarasota’s #1 wedding florist for 17 years.


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