Creative Floral Ideas for your Proposal

floral ideas

You know that you want to have flowers when you finally ask the big question, but a normal bouquet just doesn’t seem like enough. You are looking for creative inspiration and floral ideas that will infuse beauty  in a truly memorable way. The expert planners at Beneva Weddings have the experience you’ll find invaluable from proposal to reception – and we will be with you every beautiful step of the way.

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you –
Set a Path: Go ahead of your intended all day long, covering their normal path with rose petals. From their front door to their car, or from the lobby of the building to their desk – they will be walking on a floral carpet throughout the day.

floral ideas

Build a Proposal: On the day you plan to propose, select random passers-by to approach her and hand her a single stem of her favorite flower. As she walks through her day, she will be accumulating a complete bouquet, all compliments of complete strangers. Present her with the final stem when you ask the big question.

Create a Floral Sanctuary: Take advantage of the beautiful Sarasota weather and plan an outdoor proposal which immerses your partner in flowers. Drape a gazebo in garlands, hang bouquets on shepherds hooks, or suspend floral arrangements from the trees. Add twinkling lights in the evening for a magical proposal.

A Sweet Proposition: Arrange for the restaurant that you will be eating at to set a bouquet of her favorite flowers on your table. When it is time for dessert, have them deliver a miniature wedding cake adorned with the same flowers and a simple card asking her to marry you.

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding day – and the proposal is the beginning of that journey. As you begin your planning, call Beneva Weddings  for a consultation. With our experience, professionalism, and artistry, you can trust us with all the floral ideas for your Sarasota area wedding – from start to finish.

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