Dogs Dressed To The Nines In Flowers

Is there anything more adorable than a little flower girl or ring bearer traipsing up the wedding aisle?

Try a dog.

Now, we here at Beneva Weddings have seen everything from pigs to horses to llamas incorporated into the marriage ceremony, but dogs are definitely the furry friend of choice—no bones about it. We’ve seen them in top hats and suits, tutus and veils, but most of all, we’ve seen them festooned with flowers. Short of dressing your pooch in a full-on tuxedo, the best way to turn them out for your big day is to add some fresh flowers to their appearance. That and a bath is all you need to ensure that this valued member of your wedding ensemble looks the part. Here’s how to dress them in flowers without making them lose the plot.

A Structured Necklace Of Flowers

The flowers encircling this pug’s neck are beautiful, but they’re also cleverly designed to leave no room for error. If you give your dog a snug collar of flowers, he or she may be less likely to think of them as anything other than a new regular collar—albeit one that smells much better than the last. Keeping the florals tightly-packed also prevents your dog from eating them, though it’s still wise to avoid any that may make Rover sick.

A Crown Of Baby’s Breath (It’s Back, You Know)

We love the idea of inviting your dog to stand-in for the traditional flower girl, or to become a handsome recessional escort. A crown of light, wispy baby’s breath is all the adornment your pooch will need as she navigates the aisle and noses her way up to where you’re exchanging vows. Some dogs don’t mind wearing a topper at all, and if that’s yours, take the slight and graceful approach for maximum comfort.

A Loose Chain Of Greens For That One Cool Dog

Let’s assume your dog rolls around in the grass all the time and picks up a lot of it anyway in their fur—this is the look for her! We love the idea of appointing your pooch the ceremony greeter, letting her repose calmly at the entrance to your ceremony site, licking a few hands. A free-form, unstructured necklace of light and airy greens gives your dog a festive air, and it’s a bit hardier than a floral one, too.

A Reassuring Harness Of Flowers 

There are dogs you can train to carry an actual bucket of flowers down the aisle, and then there are others. If your best dog needs to feel the warm embrace of his harness as he joins you for the biggest moment of your life, let him. A nimble florist can accent it with gorgeous blooms that match all of the wedding party flowers and also his tongue.

A Specialty Leash That Leads To Flowers

The furriest members of your wedding party can still fit in with the color scheme. Your dog’s leash can complement those bridesmaid dresses, and the wreath of flowers encircling his neck can utilize the same blossoms found in your bouquet. If your dogs regularly appear on Instagram, they’ll probably make fabulous sitters for outdoor wedding portraits that take place in the dappled sunshine.

A Capelet of Flowers and Ferns

If your dog is robust and animated, give her a small cape befitting of her nature. This statement look is best for larger dogs who enjoy crashing through the forest at a breakneck pace or diving straight into the waves at the beach. We’ve seen dogs pulled up the aisle in wagons, carried by a groomsman or led along by a leash, but this is what your dog should wear if she will trot boldly and beautifully up to her place at the ceremony arch all by herself.

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