Finding Favor With Flower Favors

For centuries, we’ve been giving favors at weddings. It began as a way to include nuptial guests in the good vibes associated with the bride and groom, as well as a means to exhibit wealth and prosperity. Today, it’s understood to be a polite gesture of thanks and a way of offering wedding guests a memento of the occasion. It’s one of those traditions that few brides and grooms feel comfortable leaving out of their ceremonies. Everyone wants their guests to feel the love.

In recent years, there’s been a debate about whether or not favors still have a place in the modern wedding. As a result, the takeaways have gotten even more thoughtful. Just like weddings , they’ve become more personalized, less a throwaway trinket and more a cherished keepsake that speaks to the theme or style of the wedding. Naturally, flowers and plants have become one of the go-to favors, a move that we here at Beneva Weddings can really get behind. Here’s a round-up of what’s on offer.

Green Goodness

Give something that lasts and fill a table with air plants sprouting from shells. If you’re having a botanical-themed wedding or tying the knot in our great subtropical outdoors, offer a small potted succulent. Potted herbs are a wonderful choice for a garden-minded wedding, and you can go the cactus route if you really want to be on trend.

From The Ground Up

A row of pretty seed packets looks so inviting on a dedicated favor table, especially around planting season. We’re fans of edible sunflower seeds too, especially when they’re coated in chocolate. A fragrant bag of dried buds is a lovely offering. Guests can stow them in their suitcases to freshen things up and later place them in drawers for a constant reminder of your special day. Better still, create a bag-your-own-lavender station and let your loved ones create their own sachets.

Precious Keepsakes

Flowers can be used to elevate other items, too. Press flowers into bookmarks or frame them into beautiful wedding mementos. Line them in keepsake boxes for a beautiful presentation. Paper flowers can adorn other small gifts or stand on their own.

Wear It Home

Get your guests in on the flower-wearing action and offer them a festive lei that makes use of your palette or the flowers you’re using for decor. Delicate flower pins are also gorgeous mementos and don’t have to be reserved just for the bridal party. Female guests won’t be able to resist a simple flower crown, which will help them get into the spirit of your boho wedding, and if you really want to please your people, give them floral soap.

Full On Flowers

Flowers in and of themselves are the kind of gift that no one in their right mind turns down. Your guests won’t be able to resist a few buds in a small vase, a clutch of nosegays or a boxed flower bulb for planting.

If you’re a DIY bride and want to make your own floral soap for a wedding favor, Free People has you covered here.

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