Floral Installations That Add Instant Drama To Weddings

The next big thing in wedding floral schemes includes giant structures covered in flowers as a beautiful alternative to the traditional trellis or archway often seen at the altar of a wedding. Picture dramatic floral sculptures and installations that will speak to your artistic side and show off your creative spirit. These beautiful designs make a fantastic backdrop for all of your wedding day photos for you, your wedding party, and even guess that attend. The wedding designers at Beneva Weddings are happy to talk to you about our floral installation designs and what we can do to make your wedding unique and artistic.

Floral Hoops

Rather than stand under an archway to recite your vows, think about standing in front of a gorgeous floral hoop. The pictures will be phenomenal and the effect will leave guests swooning.

Floral Crescents

Add shape and style to your wedding landscape with gorgeous crescents that tower over the wedding seats or reception tables. Floral crescents are an artistic way to define space and add style.

Floral Chandeliers

Use flowers to create an ornate concept in place of a lighted chandelier. Hang a floral chandelier from the center of your reception hall for an eye-catching design on another level.

Add a bit of artistic flair to your wedding day landscape with a beautiful floral installation from Beneva Weddings. Let us know how we can add the beauty of flowers and artwork to make your day the most beautiful ever.


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