Fragrant Wedding Flowers

As you plan your wedding, you want your flowers to be not only beautiful and on trend but also fragrant and lovely to smell. A beautiful way to include fragrant flowers in your wedding day is to add them to your bouquet, corsages and table arrangements. Several beautiful flowers that are perfect for weddings are also incredibly fragrant. The floral experts at Beneva Weddings have put together a list of some of the top five most fragrant flowers and how you can incorporate each of these into your beautiful wedding day.

Roses: Roses are a timeless option whose fragrance can bring strong memories of your happy day whenever you smell a rose scent. Because these blooms are often edible, you can include rose-flavored treats or rose-scented favors for your guests, as well.

Lavender: Known for its calming qualities, lavender could make a beautiful addition to your bridal bouquet. Remain calm on such an exciting day with this beauty at your fingertips.

Hyacinth: With colorful blooms in a beautiful shape, hyacinths’ sweet aroma will make a fabulous centerpiece for any reception.

Peonies: These delicate blooms are full and colorful, making them a perfect choice for weddings. But some peonies carry more scent than others. Talk to your floral designer about your options if you choose peonies for your decor.

Freesia: Fresh and light, freesia can be the perfect accent piece to your spring or summer wedding flowers. With their meandering shape, these fragrant blooms will make a beautiful wildflower corsage.

Adding fragrant beauty to your most beautiful day is a great way to charm your friends and family. Talk to the floral designers at Beneva Weddings about some of our best and most fragrant florals and how to incorporate them into your wedding decor. You will enjoy the beauty and fragrance that comes from these gorgeous flowers all day long.


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