Least Popular Wedding Traditions

Over the years, some wedding traditions will come and go, while others are here to stay. Lately, though, the wedding experts at Beneva Flowers have noticed some things changing.  Observances that were once seen as standard at most weddings are giving way to fresh, current trends. Here is a list of some well-known wedding rituals that are taking a back seat to more modern customs.

Tossing the Garter Traditionally, the Groom would remove the garter from the Bride’s leg, then toss it to a sea of waiting single men. According to superstition, the recipient would be the next man to be married. He was also expected to dance with the single woman who caught the bride’s bouquet. This practice is becoming less and less observed, making way for more authentic ways to acknowledge the single friends at a wedding.

Tossing the Bouquet Also meant to recognize singles at a wedding, the bride would turn her back to the single women and toss her bouquet over her shoulder. A new twist on this outdated tradition might be to hand out individual flowers from the bride’s bouquet to each single woman present.


A Traditional First Dance While everyone loves to watch the newly married couple dance together, the days of a long, singular dance are fast becoming history. Instead, more couples are choosing to start together, then invite all married couples to join them. For a fun twist, start eliminating the couples from the dance floor who have been married the shortest period of time (the bride and groom will leave the floor first). At the end of the dance, you can honor the couple who has been married the longest.

A Money Dance While it has never been acceptable to simply request money as a gift, the money dance used to be a way around that rule. However, over time guests have begun to see through this ploy and many now just consider it tacky. With the abundance of gift and honeymoon registries, there’s no need to ask your guests for more cash.

The wedding team at Beneva Flowers will be glad to talk you through whatever traditions- both new and old- you’re considering. We want to help you make your day as wonderful as you are.


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