Pantone Prettiness For Your Wedding

This year’s Pantone color of the year is the warm, enchanting shade of Living Coral. This pretty, inviting hue will be seen everywhere this year, so why not include this on-trend shade at your wedding? There are many ways to incorporate a particular color into your wedding day, but we think flowers are the best and easiest way to include Living Coral in your wedding palette. The floral designers at Beneva Weddings have a few ideas about how and why to use coral in your wedding flowers this year.

Coral Peonies While peonies date back to mythological times, with Greek and Roman legends to accompany their style, the general meanings of peonies include romance, prosperity, good fortune, honor, and compassion, and even sometimes bashfulness. Choose coral peonies to represent the sweet love and prosperity you and your spouse will enjoy for years to come.

Coral Roses Since coral roses specifically symbolize enthusiasm and desire, what better flower to include in a wedding ceremony? The fun and excitement of merging your lives together can be represented in the classic romantic flower with a modern hue.

Coral Tulips The smooth simplicity of tulips make them a wedding favorite. Tulips convey perfect love, with their recognizable shape and colorful options. Coral or multicolored tulips specifically represent beautiful eyes, a thoughtful and meaningful trait to highlight in a wedding ceremony. The fashionable coral color in a traditional tulip bouquet will be a fantastic ensemble in any ceremony.

Convey your exact sentiments throughout your wedding day with flowers in a style that tells your story, with a color that will showcase your place in time. This year’s Living Coral will be a hit, making your wedding modern and stylish. Talk to the floral experts at Beneva Weddings about more ways to use coral in your wedding decor.


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