How To Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers

Wondering what you’ll do with all those gorgeous flowers after the ceremony and reception? You’re not the only one. Several enterprising people and companies have posed the same question in the past few years. We’re all interested in being as kind to the earth as we possibly can, and the wedding industry is no exception. There are many ways to make your wedding eco-friendly. Repurposing your flowers is one of them, and it’s a big one.

Here are all the ways you can make your flowers last beyond the big night that go well beyond just preserving your bouquet.

Recycle Your Blooms

South Florida is lucky to have two organizations that make it easy to send your beautiful flowers to facilities who will truly benefit from having them. Tampa Bay’s Random Acts of Flowers takes every flower donation it receives and attempts to recycle 100% of it—down to the vase and ribbon. They deliver the flowers to health care facilities within the community. Petals With Purpose, headquartered in Palm Beach, does the same and serves all of South Florida, sending donated flowers to youth organizations, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care facilities. Several national organizations follow the same example and are available nationwide or coming to market in various locations, including Bloomerent, Repeat Roses and The Full Bloom. You can arrange your own donation to youth organizations, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care facilities by simply calling and setting up a pick-up or delivery time.

Make Lemonade From Lemonade

Take what was beautiful and give it a beautiful new life. The flowers that you bring home can be made into perfume, potpourri, soap or candles. An abundance of DIY tutorials and recipes online can lead the way in harvesting your wedding flowers and giving them a brand new purpose.

Build A Bouquet Station 

Ask your florist to include what’s known as a bouquet station at your reception. Toward the end of the evening, the floral team (or designated others) can round up the bouquets and centerpieces and break them down into individually wrapped bouquets for guests to take home. On their way out, they can stop by the booth to pick up this meaningful keepsake from your wedding.

Announce Open Season On Centerpieces

Let any guest who wants to take a centerpiece home do so.  Toward the end of the reception, have someone spread the word that the centerpieces may be taken home. Just make sure the containers stay behind if they are rented or provided by the florist!

Send A Special Thank You

Use the flowers to make mini-nosegays to send to your bridesmaids or other special guests from the wedding to show your appreciation. You can dry the wedding flowers at home and then wrap them into diminutive bouquets, along with a thank-you note, and send them by mail. You can also create keepsake ornaments after drying the flowers and inserting them into a simple transparent bulb.

Bring Them To the Morning-After Brunch

If you don’t already have a morning-after breakfast or brunch planned, let last night’s flowers be your excuse. No need for separate florals or other decor for your brunch when you’ve invested in blooms beautiful enough for your wedding the day before.  You can have fun finding new ways to use them to decorate, too.


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