Riveting Ways To Display Those Flowers

So you’ve selected the gorgeous blooms for your wedding ceremony and reception, working with your floral design team to make your wildest flower dreams come true on the big day. But beyond the bouquets and boutonnieres, there’s another important consideration to be had: how will those table flowers—especially the ones at the reception—be displayed?

Flower containers are an important part of the overall look on your big day, and we here at Beneva Weddings are here to give you a crib sheet as to what’s on offer, and what each says about your wedding style.

Oh, The Grandeur!

If you would describe your wedding aesthetic as elegant, classic or grand, look no further than a trumpet or fluted vase, which will pose those flowers perfectly, showing them to best advantage. Especially good for a lush display of blooms, a trumpet vase contributes an air of romance and formality. For more height (and possibly more grandeur), try a pedestal or an urn. These can go high or low and come in a variety of finishes, letting you customize your look. The range of options here includes the metallics—brass, gold, silver, bronze—as well as painted white or black. You can also go clear or terracotta to further refine the style.

Dainty & Delicate

If you’re forgoing the statement centerpiece route and prefer the sleeker, more minimalist appeal of just a few flowers displayed here and there, consider votive holders, bud vases and even bell jars your new best friends. Smaller, more delicate displays of blooms either in the center of a table or down the length of it are a great way to ensure that everyone gets a view of the flowers—and of each other. These vessels don’t dominate but instead corral your blooms and give the illusion of movement on the table. Teensy containers also let you build vignettes; think candle votives nestled around your flowers, clusters of different types of flowers together, and displays that include other natural accents and elements like antlers, fruit, feathers and more.

Ask Me About My Vessels

We love when what’s holding the flowers is (almost) as intriguing as the flowers themselves. The containers you select offer you the chance to personalize your wedding style even further and to amplify the mood the flowers give off. For a rustic look, try a long wood trough or pail stuffed with flowers. For a garden theme, use ceramic or terracotta pots down the length of the tables. If you’re a boho bride, pots hanging in macrame from the ceiling over the tables is a major statement look. Use teapots brimming with flowers for a Victorian feel. And if you’re doing industrial, consider employing a concrete container, which brings a lot of texture and contrast to the table. A modern-looking cube vase keeps your arrangements low and emphasizes shape.

Curiouser and Curiouser Containers

If you really want a distinct look, pick an unorthodox vessel that was never intended to hold flowers. We’ve seen beakers, paint cans and cowrie shells put to glorious use in weddings with offbeat themes. And don’t forget the fruit: a subtropical wedding here would look divine if the flowers were blooming from pineapples on the table.

Unless you’re draping your tables in greens, the world of wedding flower containers is your oyster. Spend some time thinking about which ones will best serve your flowers from both a practical standpoint and a design one.

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