Snapshot of 2017 Wedding Trends

Halfway through the year, the wedding community has seen some predictions regarding the hottest trends play out – and others fizzle out. But with 6 months of wedding days behind us, we can observe what is truly hot with couples. According to the wedding site, here are just a few of the many 2017 wedding trends that have taken hold.
Color is Trending – After years of pastels and neutrals, we are seeing a return to vibrant colors. The Pantone color of the year is Greenery, and we have been seeing a lot of the shade.

2017 wedding trends
* Unconventional Gifts – Many couples have no use for fine china or a blender, and are now asking for gifts they will really use. You may be given the opportunity to help pay for the honeymoon, donate to a charity, or contribute to cooking classes.
* Mingling During Dinner – Formal sit-down dinners are rapidly being replaced by food trucks, interactive food stations, or food bars. If couples still want a meal around the table, family style meals are growing in popularity.
Back to Nature –  Some choose outdoor weddings, while others bring the outdoors in, with lots of wood, stone, wildflowers and greenery being popular in venue decor.

2017 wedding trends
* Hanging Around – Accents hanging from the ceiling are all the rage, such as garlands of flowers flowing down over the dance floor, or strings of low wattage lights suspended to form a curtain.
* Mix it Up – Whether a wedding ceremony in the round or waiters delivering champagne as guests await the ceremony, couples are playing with expectations and traditions for unexpected twists.

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