Spring & Summer Wedding Trends

Are you more excited for Spring or Summer 2020?

Spring and Summer are bright and cheery times! Do not be afraid to go with bold or flamboyant color choices. Many couples are opting for outdoor weddings this summer. As a result, beach-y vibes and earthy tones have become very popular. After a colorless, cold, or brutal winter, don’t be afraid to warm things up with some bright and bold color choices. Similarly, you might want the vivid tones if this is a destination wedding for all of your guests to enjoy the vacation in a tropical setting! Coral pink, yellow, saffron, and cinnamon are all colors that make a pop. Try mixing them with some exciting or different flowers, for instance, a bolder dark blue or green to enhance and contrast!

Summer is a great season for flowers of all kinds. Weddings in late spring/summer have the boldest and brightest available colors. If you are getting married in the spring or summer, you are probably preparing or have already prepared your colors and themes, styles, and everything else! Here are some ideas and pictures to toy around with. I enjoy when brides and grooms incorporate their colors into their wedding invitations to continue the theme, but that’s just another suggestion! 

Burgundy & Metallic Gold 

Light Blue & Navy

Vibrant Jewel Tones



In conclusion, if you are looking for ideas and inspiration, feel free to head over to our website www.benevaweddings.com. In addition, you can call us at 941-308-5161!

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