The Winter Landscape In Your Bouquet

Last blog we focused on the flowers of winter, and the gorgeous bouquets they make for cold-weather brides. Now we’re turning our attention to all of those natural elements that create even more character and often bring in a lot of holiday spirit. Find 6 items to fleck your wedding flowers with that will keep them looking like the best of the season.

Holly & Berries

Holly berry, blackberry, elderberry, hyperium berry . . . Need we say more? Pop some berries into the mix and you’ve got an instant winter-fresh feel going on in your bouquet. Berries add a splash of color, texture and interest, and work beautifully with greenery and flowers.


It’s not just for Christmas trees. A splay of evergreen can replace other greenery altogether, add a magical scent and build in tons of texture. The fresh green appeal turns an otherwise all-season bouquet into one intended for winter.


The deep green glossy leaf of the magnolia tree is a rich counterpart to an elegant winter bouquet. Magnolia leaves are often used in seasonal arrangements and in wreaths, beloved for their dual nature (one side is an earthy brown).


Once upon a time, every bride carried herbs down the aisle. This very old tradition looks simply smashing today, especially when it is brought into a bouquet that is filled with the rich, deep jewel tones of winter. The fragrance is beyond compare, too.

Cotton & Pine Cone

Forgo flowers altogether and create a snowy white bouquet with cotton and pine cone. Complemented by evergreen, this is the perfect woodsy, earthy look for the bride who wants to reference the great outdoors during a time when they are gorgeous but perhaps untenable. Rustic elegance is the name of the game here, with the softness of cotton mimicking snow drifts.


Branches give you that spare winter look, but they also generate scale and interest. You can use them to fill in or to work alongside berries and greenery for a very natural feel.


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