Unique Wedding Favors for your Sarasota Event

If you are looking for different ideas for your wedding guests to take home as favors, you are not alone. But there are so many creative options out there, and there is bound to be one that suits your taste and budget.  The key is to tap into your own personality and style, then create a favor that truly reflects you.  Are you a coffee fanatic? Offer a pack of your favorite brew in a commemorative bag for your guests. Have a sweet tooth? Your guests can get a taste of your favorite fresh-baked cookies in a simple, yet elegant wrapper personalized for your special day. Or perhaps you are a plant-lover. There are endless options for giving your guests a living, green and long-lasting reminder – and Beneva Flowers is here to help. Here are a few quick ideas for trendy and unique favors for your Sarasota wedding they won’t soon forget.

wedding favors

Small succulents in a mini-container or clay pots filled with a miniature houseplant can be a beautiful takeaway for your guests. And the greenery in the room will be a colorful addition to your décor. Flowers make a perfect wedding favor. You can opt for a printed seed packet of wildflowers, choose a variety of flowers in decorated containers, or create an elegant display of one special orchid in a simple clay pot.

wedding favors

Other simple yet memorable ideas can include small scented candles, personalized jars of honey or preserves for a country wedding, or a cd for each guest with some of your favorite songs. Mason jars are a popular idea as well – and you can get as creative as you want with the contents. We love floating candles with rose petals or orchid blossoms.

Wedding favors are a fun way to express your unique personality and you can be as creative as your imagination and budget allow. Ask the designers and wedding planners at Beneva Weddings to help you make every aspect of your day beautiful.


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