Wedding Photo Tips

At the end of the day, even the most special day of your life, the photos are one of the best memories you have to commemorate the special moments. You want to look your best in your wedding photos, of course, and the design experts at Beneva Weddings have some great tips about how to achieve that perfect look.

  • Choose your best side. Since none of us are perfectly symmetrical, we all have one side we prefer in photos, even if you don’t know it yet! Take some selfies from all angles to discover your favorite side and put your best self forward in your wedding photos.
  • Smile naturally. Let your face soften into a relaxed smile, or even take a few non-smiling pictures to capture multiple emotions and moods throughout your big day. Smiling with your eyes is also recommended, even if you haven’t broken into a full-on grin yet.

  • Think about your posture. Standing up straight always looks best (and slimming!). Find a relaxed height (usually hip level) to hold your flowers, too, so you appear more natural and avoid hunching over (which can happen to your shoulders when carrying flowers too high).
  • Include movement. Include some photos of you, your groom, and your wedding party walking, talking, hugging, dancing, twirling… pictures that involve movement are always interesting and convey meaning.

  • Keep some elements random. Bridesmaids holding their bouquets at different angles, the wedding party looking if various directions, some sitting, some standing… all lend rich texture to photos that will prevent them from appearing to stiff or forced.

Look completely natural while posing for the biggest day of your life when you follow these tips. Your wedding- and the nerves that might come with it- only happens once and will truly be a day to remember.  Talk to the floral designers at Beneva Weddings about even more great ways to look your best in wedding photos.


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