Beneva’s Top 5 Trends For Fall 2019 Weddings

For fall weddings, couples are eager to take more risks while planning their wedding. They like the flowers to speak to their personal preference and style, while still keeping in mind how they want to keep their guests entertained. Your wedding, especially in Florida, should be far more than autumnal tones, leafy prints, and evergreen arrangements. To the extent that trends go, we are seeing a return of classic, fresh fashion, and sense of minimalism that addresses individual style. Keep in mind, the fall season is called Wedding Season for a reason! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for fall 2019 wedding celebrations.

Adding Metallic

One of the biggest trends this whole year has been adding metallic tones to your wedding colors. For example, peach being the top trending color, adding rose gold or bronze tones to peach can enrich the color. The metallic trend includes tones of gold, rose gold, silver, bronze and brass. You can use these colors a number of ways, including colored containers or bottles as decorative holders for flowers, and sprayed branches to set in clear glass containers or in elegant flower arrangements. Branches can be sprayed with metallic colors and put all over the venue. 

Gemstone accents can also bring in the metallic tones, by placing them in clear glass vases at the bottom of flower arrangements to emphasize colors. The gemstones come in many colors including gold, silver, black and clear crystal. Adding metal entrance arches to a venue can give your guests a magical entrance to your wedding. To personalize the arches, all that is needed are some of your own wedding colors using sheer curtains or some simple flowers placed with ivy!

Stationary And Signage 

When it comes to day-of stationary, some people do individual pieces of paper for personal signs. For all weddings, we would recommend to ask attendees to put their cell phones and cameras away, and enjoy an unplugged ceremony. Blackboards are a great for welcome signs to the venue entrance, along with no cell phone signs or whatever you choose to put. Mirrors can be used for labeling cocktail tables and offerings, and the big escort board to the seating chart is also big. We recommend giving your signs a romantic border of flowers or vines, such as clematis or wisteria. 

Lanterns and Candles  

During your reception, it is important to set a certain mood. Depending on what mood you want to emphasize, the right lighting can turn your venue into the perfect atmosphere. This trend is both magical and practical. 

Lanterns give off just enough light to have the romantic and personal ambiance everyone is looking for. By having fewer lanterns and candles, the venue is transformed into a more romantic setting. Citronella candles can help with mosquitoes and pesky bugs. For larger weddings, it is safer to get flame less candles for your lanterns and tabletops. Some flame less options have color changing abilities as well. Having a greater amount of lighting can make your wedding seem more festive and fun. Depending on how much light you want, you can create and change the whole ambiance. 

Following the ceremony and reception, there are always a large number of excess flowers and decorations. When it comes to the candles and lanterns, you can give them to guests as a thank you present while they are leaving. A more economically friendly option is to rent the lanterns and candles and re home afterwards. 


Hanging Floral Pieces

Falling foliage and hanging blooms are able to wow guests from above, as well as on the table settings. If you want to stand out and really impress your guests a hanging floral piece is definitely the way to go! While most venues are very bare or have their own style, you can instantly personalize the setting with this new trend.

  • Terracotta garden flower pots hung with macrame produces a fun, boho aesthetic that matches the trending colors of 2019. Macrame is the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles. These cute hanging pots can be a small detail with a large impact. 
  • If you want to be on point with the trends for 2019, use a lot of greenery in your decorations. Even a lot of invitations and save the dates have greenery in them. 
  • Some trending greens are eucalyptus, italian ruscus, and ivy. Couples have started to use greens to decorate pergolas. Suspended garland is another popular use of greenery which introduces whimsy into the blank canvas that most venues offer. 

Incorporating Nature

You probably picked your wedding date because of the time of year. Most fall weddings want to incorporate the nature aspect of fall. If you are in Florida, we don’t exactly get the northern foliage look, but there are ways to add nature to your wedding that can make you feel more festive for the autumn season. The most atypical trend of all is to incorporate nature into everything. When they say everything, they mean it. Lavender flavored cakes and potted trees underneath the reception tent might not be for you, so there are a couple of ways to use natural things in unique ways. 

  • Decorating the wedding cake with natural fresh flowers elevates the cake from tacky smeared icing to an elegant beautiful piece of art.
  • One trendy statement is to tie in all your wedding colors with fresh flowers in hairpieces and flower crowns for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl.
  • Use potted plants to line the aisle or entryway for the venue. 

At the end of the day, having a perfect wedding is what everyone aims for. While trends are ever-changing Beneva Weddings is always the answer for high-quality arrangements and wedding decoration rentals.

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