3 Trendy Floral Add-Ons You Want To Know About

This season we are noticing a new trend in wedding decor that includes add-ons to floral bouquets. When we say add-on we mean extra flair or accent pieces that are not necessarily floral, but add rich texture and color to your floral bouquet. Consider one or more of these add-ons for your wedding bouquet, centerpieces and other floral designs at your wedding this year. The floral designers at Beneva Weddings are eager to share with you some great ideas about how to incorporate this new trend in your wedding this season.


Like the effect of a feather wrap atop a sequined dress, adding pampas to your wedding decor will create a lavish finishing touch that will adorn your day with style.


Give an earthy, natural vibe to your wedding decor by including bright green ferns throughout your floral bouquets. These lacy greens can be used as accents on serving tables or in centerpieces, too.


Give your day a mystical, enchanted aire as you adorn your tables, floral bouquets and even wedding veil with lunaria. This delicate, filmy accent will create a delicate affect on your entire wedding.

Add a bit of texture and color to your wedding bouquet for a unique and creative look that’s all you’re own. The floral experts at Beneva Weddings are happy to help you choose the perfect trendy add-ons for your wedding this year.


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