Big Deal Backdrops

Floral backdrops are having a moment, and it’s a big one. Gone are the traditional swags of flowers draped just so in favor of boldly artistic arrangements that say a lot about a couple’s style. And it makes sense. A wedding backdrop typically frames the ceremonial spot, so it’s a major focal point and a meaningful one. We’ve seen living walls of flowers, floral chandeliers, hanging circular installations and canopies that make use of everything from carnations to roses. A statement floral backdrop not only anchors the altar area and creates visual interest for your guests, it can help distinguish your wedding from others, especially if your venue is a popular spot. And a floral piece of that scale always looks amazing in photography. Combined with a rustic frame and an elegant chandelier, an undulating cascade of roses and eucalyptus is a soft, romantic vision.

Another trend we see in floral backdrops is the use of unexpected flowers and greens. As often happens here in Sarasota, many of our weddings take place right on the beach, so there’s a focal point built right in. Most couples opt for a slight and graceful arch or canopy facing the water and use a light hand in decorating it. But given the incredible subtropical flowers available year-round here, we’re loving the opportunity to create a floral backdrop that’s built for the beach. Palm, lily, bird-of-paradise and other blooms look right at home spilling forth, especially when they’re not too heavy or overdone.

Cat Pennenga Photography

The level of artistry and customization that brides, grooms and their wedding teams are bringing to floral backdrops is just the sort of creative challenge that we here at Beneva Weddings enjoy.


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