Fall Weddings Edge out Summer Nuptials

Summer weddings have always been a bit iconic. In fact, #SummerWedding has been a trending hashtag for years. Perhaps there was a romantic reason, like the long, lingering evenings which allowed for extended receptions. Or maybe it was a more practical reason, as guests are more likely to be free to travel in the summer months. However, since 2015, summer weddings are no longer the number one choice of brides nationwide.  While it is true that 33% of brides choosing June, July, or August for their nuptials, nearly 40% now choose the autumn months.

Here in Sarasota, our seasons may be a little different than in other places, but brides are increasingly choosing the fall as the right time to say “I do”.  And Beneva Flowers is right there to provide the beautiful autumn florals guaranteed to set the mood for your autumn wedding.
fall weddings
Did You Know? The most popular two days for weddings in both 2016 and 2017 was Columbus Day weekend.  June is now the third most popular wedding month, after September and October.

fall weddings

In other parts of the country, these fall weddings are rustic and country, with plenty of fall foliage. This season is very popular for outdoor weddings, which generally allow for comfortable weather without wiping away the sweat. Although Sarasota fall weddings may not have changing leaves in the landscape, the shades and hues of the season do allow for warm and inviting color palettes – think rich golds and fiery oranges.

No matter your wedding dreams, Beneva Flowers has the expertise and experience to make the day beautiful. Call us today for your private consultation.


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