Budget-Friendly Flowers for Intimate Weddings

Small weddings can be a truly beautiful and sentimental event, sometimes even more so than a giant bash. Often, though, we’re trying to stick to a budget. Having flowers at your wedding, even a small, intimate wedding, is definitely not an impossibility. Beneva Weddings has a few great floral tips about choosing budget-friendly flowers for your small or intimate wedding.

  • Choose blooms that are current and in-season. Flowers that are locally grown and in season will always cost less than the primo blooms that need to be flown in this time of year.
  • Choose a date that works with a holiday. Christmas and Easter weddings are a great time to find churches already decorated for the holiday.
  • Choose inexpensive filler flowers. Baby’s breath, carnations, and mums can be arranged beautifully by a great florist, and packing them tightly in a monochromatic design will make a big impact for less cost.

  • Choose to repurpose your blooms throughout the day. Bridesmaids bouquets can be transported to the reception and used to adorn dessert and guest book tables.
  • Choose to decorate sparingly. Creating garlands, intricate centerpieces and structured bouquets will result in more time- and expense- for your florist. Keep decor simple and save on flowers!

Your wedding can be a beautiful, memorable event while sticking to a budget with a little bit of creative thought and forward thinking. Discuss your budget with the floral artisans at Beneva Weddings and let us help you create the perfect look for your intimate wedding.


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