Flower Gifts For The Bride To Be

Okay, so she’ll be steeped in flowers when her wedding rolls around, but why not fete the bride with flowers now? Give your beautiful bride a gift inspired by flowers this holiday season, and it will become a cherished memento in her life. We guarantee it, especially if you choose one of these 5 options.

Pretty, Fragrant, Hydrating Rosewater

There’s nothing more refreshing, toning and delicious-smelling than rosewater, a component of nearly every perfume you could ever hope for. It’s been manufactured for millennia and used for cosmetic, culinary and medicinal purposes for just as long. And Cleopatra was a fan! With its antioxidant properties, lovely color and refreshing scent, rosewater makes a refreshing, anti-inflammatory spritz. We love Herbivore’s Rosewater Gift Set, which will perfectly spoil the bride in question this holiday.

Put Your Own Ring On It

Succulents have been all the rage for a while now, and there’s no sign of them stopping. From desk gardens to sunny kitchen planters, these lush, intriguing plants are not only lovely to look at, but so hardy even the blackest of thumbs can’t kill them. Miniature succulents are great for creating designs that are full of texture, color and contrast, but there’s something else they’re just right for, too: rings. A succulent ring is a gorgeous, unusual gift that the bride in your life won’t soon forget.

A Flowery Coffee Table Book

Is your bride recipient a big reader and a big flower lover? No problem. Combine her two loves into a coffee table tome that will make a fetching and elegant piece. We love Flowers Every Day by Florence Kennedy. It’s a strikingly modern approach to floral design geared to non-experts. And yes, the photographs are everything.

Their Very Own Greenhouse

We may love winter’s chill, but our plants certainly don’t. And any bride who appreciates flora and fauna will also love to get an indoor greenhouse, which will help her cultivate her favorite plants year round. We like this Miniature Greenhouse for its simple, minimalist flair. Fill it with a few plants to get your bride started.

Enrobed In Flowers

We’ve all seen the picture: a row of pretty bridesmaids all done up, wrapped in beautiful robes and grinning from ear to ear, the bride in the middle. The gifting of a kimono robe usually goes from the bride to her girls, but we say, give the bride her own robe to lounge in this winter. Inspired by the traditional kimono, contemporary versions explode with color and personality. It’s hard to pick one Floral Kimono Robe from this crop of beauties.


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