How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Saving your bridal bouquet is often a top priority following a wedding. Not only did you put a lot of thought and money into your design, it’s a beautiful reminder of your perfect day. Whether you’re working with a post-wedding budget or have extra set aside for these details, the floral experts at Beneva Weddings have some excellent suggestions about how to preserve your memories using your wedding day bouquet.  

In the short-term, brides and wedding party members can cut the stems of their bouquets, at the bottom, at a 45° angle and place them in a vase or container of fresh water. This typically provides a few extra days of longevity. For long term preservation, there are several DIY and professional options for your bridal bouquet:

  • Dry your own bouquet. Some brides choose to hang their bouquets upside down and let them air dry, to keep their shape. After tying your flowers together with string, hang in a dark, dry, temperate area like an indoor closet. After a few weeks, your bouquet should be completely dry and ready to be displayed in your new home. However, this does not prevent petals from falling off, wilting or turning colors.
  • Press your bouquet. Press your flowers by spreading them out between two pieces of parchment paper and pressing them between the pages of a book. Lay a brick or other heavy object on top of the book and leave flowers between pages for seven to 10 days. When finished, design your pressed flowers in a gorgeous display that will last forever.

  • Utilize professional services to preserve your bouquet. There are many professional options available when it comes to freeze-drying or having your bouquet pressed. For the best preservation, we typically refer our clients to Keepsake Florals in Orlando. With Keepsake Florals the bouquets are preserved in tact and come back in custom built frames.

Talk to the designers at Beneva Weddings about the best options for your style, budget and design ideas and we’ll help you every step of the way as you leave the wedding behind and enter into a lifetime of wedded bliss. 


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