Styling Your Flower Girl With The Right Blooms

There’s nothing wrong with the classic accouterments for a flower girl—a sweet little basket layered inside with petals, usually of the rose variety. Maybe it’s tied with ribbons or embellished with flowers that match the ones used elsewhere in the wedding. It hardly matters; the girl you appoint for this job becomes one of the most highly-anticipated stars of the show, and so long as she makes her way up the aisle, she can do no wrong. Even if she forgets to scatter the flowers, the cuteness overload is a given. That said, your little flower can carry or wear any one of the following and still look the part. So if you want to depart from the traditional basket, read on.

A Floral Pomander Ball

There’s nothing more adorable than a flower girl or two swinging a pretty flower ball down the aisle. A kind of floral bauble, this is a great way to put flowers in the hands of the littlest member of your wedding party and to ensure that they will stay put. Fun, lighthearted and a lovely alternative to the basket-and-petals, floral pomanders bring a traditional Victorian feel to your ceremony.

A Hoop Wreath Or A Ribbon Wand

A more modern approach, a small hoop wreath decorated with flowers and strung with ribbon gracing your flower girl’s hands is definitely on trend. Hoops and circles have been rolling up to define ceremony sites lately, replacing arches. It’s a flexible, fun shape, perfect for little ones to handle and open to lots of decor possibilities. Ribbon wands are easy to assemble and look especially festive when topped with flowers.

Garlands, Crowns And Headbands 

Your flower girl might be fussy about wearing a big old thicket of flowers around her head, as beautiful as it may look. Not to worry: you can pop fresh flowers onto a headband, tuck flowers behind her Dutch crown hairstyle, or have your florist make a graceful garland that won’t feel heavy or bothersome. This is an infinitely dynamic look, where you can carry through the wedding flowers or dedicate a few singular ones to your flower girl alone.

A Single Stem

A flower girl can make her own statement by carrying just one powerful flower like an anthurium, rose or peony. Her blossom can reference the bride’s bouquet by picking up its centerpiece flower or even be added to the bouquet later.

A Nosegay

Also called a tussie-mussie, this traditional clutch of flowers can help bridge the gap between flower girl and junior bridesmaid. If your flower girl feels more inclined to carry a bouquet like the big girls, let her. Give her a smaller, slighter version of the bridesmaid’s flowers. A loose, light gathering looks perfect in the hands of a slightly older flower girl.


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