Table Decor & Centerpieces

There are so many different options for table decor, tablescapes, and themes for your wedding. Your centerpieces can be stressful and putting everything together can take a toll on you. Try to make the process an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one!  Here are some ideas to get you started on your decor and centerpiece plans. 

Let the Season Inspire You

Based on the season, you can get floral inspiration for color and decor ideas. 

  • Adding copper, gold, rose gold, or silver tones will complete a theme easily. You can also stick all of them together for a more modern look, but make sure this does not appear to be too busy. 
  • Adding candles can help blend color palettes together. Nude colors can be added to any table to add to the lighting to the ambiance. Candles can also go nicely with any greenery on the table, and additionally any florals or centerpieces. 
  • Tablescapes such as the one shown below here can be done in whatever style you would like. Ask your floral designer if they can add some of your colors and themes to it. 

  • If you have a tropical theme to your wedding, a great and inexpensive idea is adding palm tree leaves to the table. This can be combined with plenty of different color schemes and vibes. The palms can be spread all over the table underneath the place mats or the plates, and this sets a fun tone. 
  • As for a rustic look, there are plenty of plants and flowers you could use. Succulents are great for a rustic look, and the plants can be reused in households for a longer period of time than just florals. 
  • Unique textures are a new theme that people are getting into. Leather, suede, and knits are all good and can be combined in different themes! One of the easiest ways to spruce up a place setting is to add texture to it! The different fabrics combining smooth and rough surfaces can make a tablescape unique. 
  • When sitting at a restaurant waiting for your meals to come, the restaurant commonly brings out bread and butter. This is what guests want! FOOD! Not a bad idea to have staff bring some extra bread to begin with, or if you want to get even more fancy, a charcuterie board would be great for nibbles and munches before dinner!

Centerpiece Ideas

Anything for charity is always well received. Leave a sign on the table with a donation to your choice charity instead of a wedding favor. You can follow up and donate your centerpieces to local hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, and food bank or homeless organizations. Some organizations will even pick up the flowers after the wedding to take this task off of your hands. 

An option for centerpieces repurposing is to reuse reception centerpieces for the post wedding brunch or any gathering you may have the next morning. The arrangements will dress up any home, backyard, hotel or space you are planning on gathering at. After this you can arrange for them to be donated or go home with family! 

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