Discovering Fall’s Floral Landscape

September and October are the most popular months to get married in the U.S., excepting the South in general. For us here in Sarasota, October is a glorious month for marriage, as is November. Sure, our Fall may look a little different than everybody else’s, but it’s got its own kind of beauty. The kind of beauty that comes from being a few degrees cooler than September.

Fall is also a great time for flowers, with beautiful blossoms like lilies, dahlias, garden roses, anemones and foxglove in season and therefore more available to us. It’s also a moment to make use of all of those other natural accents—branches, driftwood, leaves, grasses—and to go a little more decadent in the floral displays that grace our reception tables and ceremony sites. Beneva Flowers wanted to take a peek at what’s in store for Autumn’s wedding flowers, and we’ve noted three key trends that have us already falling for Fall. Walk with us.

Jump Through These Hoops

Strong, geometric shapes have been a major aspect of wedding decor for a while now, and we’re betting all the geometric love has led us to this moment. Floral hoops of all sizes are appearing in weddings in a variety of ways. They’re being clutched by bridesmaids in lieu of bouquets or nosegays. They’re being hoisted up and centered as stunning backdrops. They’re hanging from the backs of the bride and grooms’ dinner chairs and being used in trios as a focal point at the reception. If it’s circular, it’s in.

Butterscotch and Apricot

Apricot, orange and butter yellow are without a doubt the “It” colors for Fall 2018. It’s an incredibly versatile palette, as well as a beautiful one. It can be contrasted with the season’s inky, plummy shades for a moody effect or stay entirely within its own range, pulled together in a bouquet that just glows. These are also hues that pair perfectly with metallics, a trending material.

Way Off In The Woods

Woodsy details are big right now, and that will definitely be the case this Fall, too. Even if a ceremony isn’t happening in the forest, it can borrow inspiration from it. Free-form, unstructured floral designs, foraged greens and moss are all a part of the floral landscape right now. These influences are making themselves known on everything from tables to cakes, and it’s more than just a rustic look. It’s an evocative, moody feel, totally the attitude of Fall.


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