Spotlight on Boutonnieres

With all the fuss we make over the bride’s flowers, it can be easy to overlook the kind that grace the groom’s lapel. Today, we’re talking boutonnieres, those simple-yet-festive floral adornments that are making a splash in their own right.

Major Statement Bouts

From ranunculus to full-blown rose, big statement flowers are turning up on turned-out grooms and grabbing all of the attention. These bouts need little else as they keep the focus on one gorgeous flower.

Forest-Inspired Bouts

Instead of flowers, stylish grooms are taking cues from their wedding settings and wearing boutonnieres made of berries, wildflowers, foliage and herbs. Olive, eucalyptus leaves or rosemary provide an earthy, garden-centric element. We also love deep green ferns, oak leaves and acorns for a forest-floor effect.

Bizarrely Cool Bouts

If you’re not ready to do a succulent bow-tie or a comic book boutonniere, try something distinct and unusual but still beautiful. Unique flower combinations, the use of fabric, feathers and even unusual shapes (like a wreath boutonniere) are popping up on lapels and generating great interest, to boot.

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