The Rise of Wreaths

For several years, we’ve been loving the use of garlands and greens down the length of reception tables. We’ve embraced the garden-inspired wedding trend and are fully on board with the forest-inspired one that’s predicted to be big this year. We’ve welcomed all kinds of rustic touches when it comes to floral wedding work: foraged foliage, interesting natural elements that introduce texture, suspended centerpieces full of fluffy greens. So it’s no surprise that wreaths are are generating a lot of hoopla these days. Here are some of the ways this traditional circle of greens and flowers is going beyond a prime spot on the front door.

As Wall Decor

Want to give a bare wall festive appeal? Adorn it with a wreath that brings in your wedding flowers and greens. This is a great way to make even a barren area feel inviting.

As a Ceremony Backdrop Outdoors

Huge wreaths or hoops are a modern riff on the traditional arch. Their shape is super symbolic, and they make an arresting focal point outdoors. Build in hardy roses in your color scheme and let the rest of the wreath drip with foliage and greens, giving a rich, layered look.

As a Ceremony Backdrop Indoors

Bring the outdoors in via a gorgeous wreath. If you’re getting married in a space without a natural altar or ceremony spot, create one with a giant wreath. Keep it wide, open and lush, positioned just above where you’re exchanging your vows.

As a Tepee Topper

Casual ceremonies taking place on the beach, in the backyard or in other natural spots are a great opportunity to be creative, inventive and fun. Whether you’ve built a boho tepee or a breezy arch, hang a wreath or two at the top for a fresh, simple vibe.

As Chair Decor

Along with topping the tables themselves (or perhaps in place of), dress the backs of your reception chairs with laurel wreaths. Use ribbon to tie in wedding colors, or keep it entirely green for a dose of earthy style.

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