Wedding Traditions You May Choose to Break

Weddings are known to be steeped in traditions, and everyone will have their own ideas about which of these customs are sacred, or which are no longer relevant. But with changing times, there do seem to be some traditions that are quickly going by the wayside, at least as “hard and fast” rules.  Here is a short list of some of the places you may wish to change it up, and make your own way when planning your Sarasota wedding.

The Bride’s Parents Always Pay for the Wedding: Although tradition generally mandated that the bride’s parents pay for the entire event – a custom descended from a bride’s dowry centuries ago – times have changed. The groom’s parents often chip in, and many couples take care of financing the wedding themselves. Remember the cardinal rule – “whoever pays, gets a say”. So if you want to maintain control of the day without too many opinions, you may wish to choose a more economical wedding and limit the number of financiers.

Tip: If you do want to enlist the help of the groom’s parents, he should make the request.

wedding traditions
Everyone Brings a Date: If someone is married or in a serious relationship, it is entirely appropriate to invite them both. However, if you have single friends, and they will know other people at the wedding, it is perfectly ok to eliminate the “plus one”. In fact, your single friends may appreciate being relieved of the pressure of finding a date, or worse, being the only one who shows up without one.

The Long White Gown is the only Option: Ok, many brides have been dreaming of the dress for a very long time, and wouldn’t have it any other way. But if your style is more contemporary, colorful, or quirky, feel free to wear what you want – a short dress, a metallic gown, even a chic pantsuit! Keep in mind that some of your older guests will probably equate the white gown with purity and tradition, so if you don’t want to shock them too badly, add your personality with vividly colored shoes, or a beautiful patterned sash; or wear a tea-length dress in white or off-white.

wedding traditions
The Groom Can’t See the Bride Until the Ceremony: The moment is guaranteed to be emotional, and some prefer it to be more private. Alternative “first looks” are rising in popularity, and are arranged when the bride and groom see each other just prior to the ceremony in a secluded setting. Have the photographer ready to capture the moment in time, and start your wedding day off in a sentimental way – just the two of you.  You may then want to bring your wedding party in, and take photos prior to the ceremony, freeing you up to spend more time with your guests at the cocktail party and reception.

There are many other traditions that are changing with the times, but wedding flowers never go out of style. From your bridal bouquets to aisle decor and reception centerpieces, every wedding needs flowers! Beneva Weddings has been Sarasota’s top wedding florist for over 17 years. Call us today for expertise, experience, ideas – and the most exquisite florals in town.


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