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When it comes to weddings, there are many traditions we take for granted. But as brides increasingly break with the customary ways of doing things, wedding planners are seeing inventive and fresh ideas emerging. From colorful bridal gowns to extravagant themed events, a wedding day is anything you want it to be. Wedding color palettes are no exception – while there are some rules that many brides still follow, the experts at Beneva Flowers are beginning to see a new desire for the unconventional. When planning your Sarasota wedding, consider one or more of these colorful concepts!

* Bridesmaid Dresses and Flowers: A new, emerging trend is to pick three or four complementary colors and allow your bridesmaids to choose any dress and flower combination that they wish within that palette. The result is a beautifully coordinated bridal party that doesn’t look identically matched. Not to mention, the ladies can choose a dress style that is flattering to them, and that they will want to wear again.

* Re-Define Color Matching and Texture: This is where the expert designers of Beneva Flowers can really be of assistance. Starting with your favorite color or variety of flower, allow the experts to suggest additional unexpected floral choices, fillers, and colors that challenge the norm and will be beautifully unique.

wedding color ideas
* Choose Risky Colors: Soft romantic palettes or traditional color schemes may be a safe choice, but brights, neons, and off-season palettes will garner positive attention and look amazing in photographs.  You may also wish to choose a non-trending color scheme – although the season’s hottest colors are tempting, the result will be similar to many other brides this season.  If you are looking to be memorable, break from the trend!

wedding color ideas

* Don’t Be Stingy with Color: Brides are choosing up to 5 colors in their wedding planning, but it takes some finesse to pull off without looking gaudy. Choose more than one neutral in your color palette, or go for multiple shades of the same color to create a tonal color scheme.  Utilizing many colors can help to create a specific theme, such as an English tea garden or a tropical island setting.

When planning your wedding, the main thing to remember is that every tradition is up for interpretation! The experts at Beneva Flowers would love the opportunity to work with you to come up with unique and creative aesthetic ideas that will make your wedding day a truly memorable event. In Sarasota and surrounding areas, give us a call – we’d love to assist with your special day.


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